Shunsuke Mikami

President Shunsuke Mikami


After graduating Waseda University in 2006, Mikami joined Search Firm Japan, an executive search company based in Tokyo.
Mikami has been successful in recruiting senior executives and engineers in various fields including media, consulting, chemicals, energy materials, auto-motive industry,
aerospace, and others, not only senior executives.
In 2008, As Chief Strategic Officer, Mikami was responsible in strategic planning and established overseas affiliates in Singapore, and other regions.
In 2011, Mikami established Genius as a spin-off company of Search Firm Japan. Genius’s primary objective was to handle technology consulting and strategic planning.

Filling the gap between theory and practice, Mikami energetically scouts and consults, and aims to contribute in building a sound and fair employment environment.

Fields of Expertise

  • 役員、部門長などのエグゼクティブクラスの採用
  • 新規事業開発のための組織構築と人材スカウト
  • 製造業全般(特に機械、化学、エネルギー製薬、医療機器)
  • 事業変革、ターンアラウンドのための改革チーム構築
  • 事業承継のためのマネジメントチームの組成
  • エンジニアスカウト(専門分野のピンポイントアプローチ

Consulting case

  • Client: Foreign conglomerate
  • Position: Technical advisor in multiple business-divisions
Status Our client was international corporation managing business in diverse fields such as chemical, textile, Industrial materials, electonic comp […]


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