Ishito Nishihara

Senior Consultant Ishito Nishihara


Nishihara joined Recruit Holdings Co., a new graduate in 2014 after graduating from Meiji University. During his first career, Nishihara worked in sales for new graduate platform media ‘Rikunabi’ to all sized clients in various industries. Nishihara participated in projects not only in recruiting areas but also clients’ HRM issues, reforming corporate identity/MVV, revising personnel systems with a few years duration. After participating in recruitment from the supporting side,he joined a healthcare mega venture, SMS CO.,LTD. in Oct 2020, to pursue his career as a company HR. Nishihara experienced recruiting upper class managers and organization development, then after being promoted to director of the business division HR department. Nishihara joined Genius in Oct 2023, willing to contribute to growing companies from the HR side and to strengthen Japanese economics.

Fields of Expertise

A member of the digital industry team, Nishihara is in charge of start up, venture companies before/after listing. Nishihara is strong in recruitment support for especially SaaS and web service companies from his experience in sales, recruitment support, and HR. Having experienced various roles as a HR, Nishihara will imagine the candidate's success and settlement after joining the company to help both the recruiting company and the candidate.


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