Kohei Konishi

Senior Consultant Kohei Konishi


After graduating from the School of Social Sciences at Waseda University in 2013, Kohei joined Shionogi & Co., a Japanese pharmaceutical company particularly known as a producer of antimicrobial and antibiotics medicine.As a Medical Representative (MR), Kohei contributed to regional healthcare through the promotion of the company's pharmaceuticals in Miyagi and Ibaraki prefectures. Through his 8 year career as a general MR, Kohei has been involved in a variety of product groups from primary (lifestyle-related diseases) to specialty (central nervous system) while brushing up his expertise. Kohei's top sales performance and new drug launch activities in Miyagi during his first five years have been highly noted. In 2018, he was selected as a dedicated MR for key hospitals in Ibaraki prefecture. Kohei was the driving force leading revenues for the local office, mainly focused on clients such as Tsukuba University Hospital. Kohei joined Genius in August 2021 to pursue a career as a consulutant focusing on the needs of human resources especially in the medical field and industry. He believes the field of human resources is with infinite potential rather than focusing on the perspective of limited products and is excited for upcoming challenges ahead.

Fields of Expertise

Kohei is the core member of the medical and healthcare sector in Genius Corporation. While the medical market will continue to expand due to the aging population, the difficulty of developing new drugs will increase, posing a challenge to use conventional business models for pharmaceutical companies. We aim to help tackle these issues through successful human resource placement. Based on Kohei's experience and knowledge as an MR, his main focus and strength will be in the field of medicine, QA, and other pharmaceutical affairs. Kohei will endeavor to realize the right job for the right person in pursuit of success for both clients and candidates.


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