Keishiro Takahashi

Senior Consultant Keishiro Takahashi


After graduating from Yokohama City University Faculty of Commerce in 2001,Takahashi joined Snow Brand Milk Products(currently known as MEGMILK SNOW BRAND) as a systems engineer and engaged in developing and maintaining internal systems. Takahashi experienced company reconstruction at Snow Brand Milk Products, where he encountered the importance of human resources in company management. In 2005, he joined Pasona Carent (current Pasona), to work as a recruitment agency. At Pasona, he has worked with electric, machinery and chemical industry clients, located in the Kanto and Kansai area. Takahashi has been promoted manager in the 3rd year, and has also contributed to internal organization management. In 2017, he moved to the executive search firm, Pasona Fortune (current Paona JOBHUB). Since then he has consulted members of the board of directors and director class, covering all industries including private equity firms and companies invested by those firms. Takahashi joined Genius Corporation in May 2023, willing to strengthen company organization and Japanese economics from the executive human resource side.

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