Kenji Koshiba

Consultant Kenji Koshiba


After Graduating from Meiji Gakuin University, Koshiba joined Macnica, Inc and started his career as a semiconductor sales representative. He was responsible for clients including leading electronic companies and was able to report annual individual sales of 2 Billion yen through his career of 6-years. With cultivated knowledge of technical sales, and his sales experience with engineers, Koshiba pursued his career at Site Flight, Ltd. (currently known as Intelligence Executive Search) as a career consultant. For 5 years, he has served as a consultant/team manager specializing in industries such as semiconductors and IT. In 2010, Koshiba joined Wall Street Associates (currently known as en world Japan K.K.) as a Senior Consultant specializing in the field of electronics, semiconductors, and built- in IT industries. Koshiba joined Genius Corporation in Oct.,2016. With 11 years of experience as a recruitment consultant, Koshiba’s skillful talent in working consistently with both client and candidate will be an added value to Genius.

Fields of Expertise

  • ◼製造業
  • - アカウントマネジャー、マーケティング(国内・海外)
  • - 技術営業(FAE)
  • - 開発エンジニア
  • - 品質保証(QA)エンジニア
  • ◼IT業界
  • - ソフトウェア ソリューションセールス、プリセールス
  • - 自動車・製造業界向けCAE(Simulation Tool)営業、プリセールス
  • - 金融向けソリューション企業 セールス、プリセールス
  • - セキュリティソリューション セールス、プリセールス
  • Contact

    +81 3 3321 3348