Executive Search & Recruitment

How We Approach

We define a successful HR replacement project as one with a retention period of 6 months or more.In the past 3 years, we are proud to announce our success rate of 97.2% (208/214 projects) and our retention rate of 97.8% (757/774 project).
What is unique about our service is that we combine 3 primal services. First as a “consulting firm” providing management consulting and strategy proposal, second a regular “recruitment agent”, and third a high end “headhunting executive search agent”.

There is an estimate of six to seven million potential candidates, mostly middle to junior class, who are listed in various open HR databases. There is also an estimate of 60,000 to 70,000 potential candidates who are targeted for executive search, or head hunting.
Genius is capable in presenting candidates from a wide range as above and will analyze the needs of each client and design the most appropriate search method to meet clients’ HR needs.

Consulting Process

Genius offers comprehensive consulting service from management consulting and strategy proposal to reorganization and recruitment. Since demand for human resource varies in time, our consultants aim to provide accurate management advice in accordance to the phase of each client company. (i.e. phases of growth, transition, maturation, reform) In order to achieve optimal results, Genius aims to provide comprehensive consulting service by acquiring the necessary human resource and restructuring organization.

Consulting service by Genius helps management realize the phase in which the company stands and point out possible issues in the future. By detailed diagnosis, we propose what type of candidate is most appropriate and suggest an overall HR strategy. Genius provides an efficient one stop service from consulting to HR acquisition.

From our introductory phase, Genius aims for thorough communication with candidates, carefully disclosing the values, intention and the needs of our client.
With deeper knowledge and understanding in both parties, we have a very high rate of success and retention.

By clarifying the needs of client, we search for the best suited candidate.
Following consultation we move on to candidate search. In this stage we focus on thorough communication in order for our candidates to gain clear understanding of the values, intention and the needs of our client.
Mutual understanding between our client and candidates results in understanding a tangible vision for the future.

At Genius, we provide a list of candidates not only through our networks, but from our own database, outside search companies, external collaborators and other various sources.


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