Case study

Project to recruit product development planning personnel for the Japanese market

Client Foreign medical device manufacturer
Position Development division Collaboration Specialist
Country Germany
Term 4 months


Japan is the most important market among its worldwide network
in terms of the next generation product development, and there was an urgent
needs to acquire personnel who have a high-quality specialty to contribute to the concepts and design of new product development by
escalating Japanese users’ needs to its HQ development team.
As the client is a part of the top players but not the largest, it was difficult to
motivate candidates to switch from other top tiers. As a result, the candidates pipeline was exhausted.

Our Plan

By expanding the targets from the top tier to the second, and to include domestic
companies in addition to foreign, we managed to collect a certain number of
highly motivated high-performers with sufficient English skills.


The person is from a domestic company but has good English skills and a
high-quality specialty. We managed to obtain a person who wishes to work at a
global company and is contributing to the revitalization of product development.


Yumiko Yamaguchi

Yumiko Yamaguchi

After her experience at Bank of America and UBS (formally known as UBS Phillips and Drew) Research group both in Tokyo, she received her master`s degree at University of California, Los Angeles in 1990. She joined McKinsey & Company Tokyo Office and served clients in the area of healthcare and finance, as well as assisting foreign affiliated companies in Japan with their Japan entry strategies and product market strategies.
After Yamaguchi transferred to McKinsey’s Duesseldorf Office in 1996, she became a member of European Healthcare Practice, focusing on practice knowledge management and research.
After returning to Japan in 2002, Yamaguchi joined a start-up boutique consulting firm focusing on healthcare as a co-founder. In 2006 she established its US branch in Silicon Valley, further accelerating the business until 2010 when she came back to Japan and assumed a role as the head of business management/planning to help organize the internal structure of the company.
In August 2012, Yamaguchi joined Genius as a Senior Consultant.


+81 3 3321 3348


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