Mizuna Tabe

Consultant Mizuna Tabe


After graduating Korea University in Seoul, Mizuna joined Genius Corporation in February 2019.
At Korea University, she obtained two bachelor degrees in Political Science, and Social Humanities covering law, economics and media studies. After graduating from high school in Japan, Mizuna moved to Korea to pursue her studies at Korea University. Through the 4 years with much hard work, she has mastered the Korean language, and is now fluent, at a native level.

Utilizing her advanced linguistic skills in Japanese, Korean and English, Mizuna has worked as a staff of international student meetings, medical interpreter, and translator for mobile applications. She has also won several scholarships from prominent Korean enterprises such as POSCO、MEDIHEAL and LOTTE group. Through these scholarships, Mizuha was able to expand her experience and deepen her knowlege in business along with her studies at school.

As a consultant, Mizuna will be responsible for projects with clients in various sectors including manufacturing and IT services. Making the most out of her overseas experience and advanced linguistic ability, Mizuna looks forward to implement business globalization through human resources.

Fields of Expertise

IT/Web Advertising Senior recruitment


+81 3 3321 3348