Koji Miyamoto

Director Koji Miyamoto


After graduating Chuo University, Miyamoto joined SMBC Nikko Securities. 
He has engaged in both private and corporate client solution sales and has gained extensive knowledge of various financial products.
Throughout his career he has dealt with over 2000 clients and has experience working with rural and urban parts of Japan.
Through his various experience, Miyamoto has been prized sales awards continuously contributing to top line revenue and growth.
To deal with various and complex financial requests, Miyamoto has specialized in matters of inheritance, insurance and private wealth management. He has also been a mentor for new graduates and have supported the younger employees of SMBC Nikko Securities.
With the reform of work style in Japan and in times of increased flow of human resource, Miyamoto has decided to join Genius in July 2019.
Working closely with both clients and candidates, Miyamoto will aim to achieve the best solution for both.

Fields of Expertise

・Financial Sector
・Inheritance and Reorganization due to Business Succession


+81 3 3321 3348